About Us

Our Mission

Guide people to the New and Diversification Projects.

Right from Scratch or Concept stage till the Production starts.

Assistance at all levels excpet for Finance.


Our Vission

Guide people to the new projects wherein there is not much crowd to make and compete.

As we expertise NEW Projects, not known to many, entrepreneurs can enjoy venturing in to such projects for diversification.

We propose the products which are alternate Products, replacing some existing / Running products, people can easily enter in to makig of such products, which can be easy for selling as well.

Also we guide through each stage of the project right from Concept stage, through Land and Building  sizes need, Plant layout, Mahcinery and Utilities needed, Raw material and its understanding and sourcing information, Manpower to install the lines and Run the plants as well. We assist for almost everything except project financing. 

To our credit is repeat orders and best relations with our customers for always which proves our services.


1) Ahmedabad based Consultnat, assisting to set up Lucrative and New projects, right from Scratch or concept stage till the first Kg. of material comes out of the plant, through Mahcinery selection, Utilities, Land and Building sizes, Plant layour, manpower for installation and commissioning, Raw Material Guidance and production process, Formula / Recipe  et-cetera.

2)  Conducting Two-Day  / Three-day Training on  Personality Development  & Sales Training for Sales people in batches of about 10  Each batch.  At the end of the program, the sales people are converted in to next level and Self Sufficient matured individuals.